Indian weddings are a new world of colors and textures, each as unique as the country itself. And, when it comes to celebrating a genuinely Indian wedding, only a wedding photographer trained in capturing images in this milieu will do. 

Though it's not the most talked about aspect of planning an Indian wedding, photography plays an immense role in capturing the moments that mark this special occasion. The best way to make your wedding unforgettable is to capture the true essence of the celebrations in photographs. To do this, you need wedding photographers in India who understand Indian culture, know how to get those perfect pictures, and are comfortable or fun to work around.

However, when you search for wedding photographers in India, you get a sea of professionals with unique approaches and core services. So, how do you choose your wedding photographer? 

To help you make an informed decision, we have created a guide to everything you should know and consider before hiring the best wedding photographers in India for your wedding. 

Points to Consider When Hiring a Wedding Photographer

Choosing your wedding photographer is not based on popularity and celebrity quotient. Every couple has different needs and perspectives on how they want their wedding pictures to be. You need to find someone who aligns with your needs and shares the same enthusiasm. 

Photography styles

When it comes to modern wedding photography, there are several terminologies used these days. Wedding photojournalists, high art wedding photographers, artistic Indian couple wedding photography, documentary, drone, and renowned candid wedding photographers are all types of wedding photographers. 

While picking a photographer who did a fabulous job for your best friend's wedding is easy, it can prove a complete disaster for you. The photographer captured your best friend's wedding in the style they wanted, which can be completely different from yours. Most wedding photographers have a niche style in which they best capture a wedding. So, before you choose your wedding photographer, know the photography style you want and communicate this to your photographer. 


It is the most challenging part of anything. You might have set away a particular percentage of the total wedding expense for photography. However, the budget for your wedding photographer in India depends on the skill and resources required for your preferred photography style.

So, start by scanning the market prices for the style of wedding photography you have finalized. Also, keep an eye out for the range of quality provided in each style. It depends on the time a photographer invests in their work, like the Indian pre-wedding photography and post-shoot, equipment inventory, and field experience. Once you have completed your style-specific research, put down a budget that suits you best and is even realistic for your potential photographers.

Get the best package

Along with taking photographs and videos, the best photographers offer various other services in their wedding photography packages in India. It includes albums, special effects, retouching options, and additional shooting of your engagement, after-party, or even your pre-wedding shoot. So, when you choose a photographer for your wedding, get the final quotes for an all-inclusive package that suits your needs and compare it with the other photographers you selected.

Check the experience

When shortlisting a wedding photographer, ensure they hold the right amount of experience in the style of photography you want. The photographer's experience is essential as they can see the light and catch the moment better than a new photographer who has just started. 

The best way to know how much experience your wedding photographer has is to check the finished wedding portfolio. Check whether the files he delivered to the clients have the same quality from start to finish. 

Also, check the photographer's website and see weddings made a few years back and how the photographer evolved. If you see beautiful moments, creative wedding photoshoots in India, and consistent editing, the photographer has enough experience to deliver stunning pictures and photos for your wedding. 

Read the reviews

The following essential thing to check about the wedding photographer is the reviews they have received from the clients. Reviews give you insight into the service and the experience the photographers provide. Moreover, the reviews enable you to trust the photographer and that they offer exemplary service as per your preference. Though you may find some negative reviews, do not go by them if they are fewer in number. The negative reviews allow future couples to gauge the relative strengths and weaknesses of the wedding photographers you are considering. 

As with any business, you may find some negative reviews because all positives mean the company is fake. Once you are satisfied with the reviews of the photographer, contact them and ask any questions about the Indian couple's wedding photography. 

Set up a meeting 

Once you have finalized your Indian wedding photographer, set up a face-to-face meeting with them, this is someone who will capture some of your most intimate moments, so you must get along. Also, the meeting lets you know their communication style, and they understand your personality and what you want from your wedding photography.

Your potential photographer must be able to discuss ideas and comprehend your needs. 

Friendly approach

A photographer must be just another guest at your wedding who loves taking photos, and it can only happen when you and your photographer try to become friends and get to know each other better during your wedding. The photographer must be professional, friendly, and pleasant to all guests and regard everybody they meet. This way, you and the photographer will be able to enjoy the events and be more relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera while important and beautiful shots are captured.


The best wedding photographers in India have a lot to offer. They are skilled in a wide range of photography styles and can capture your wedding day uniquely. The above points will help you choose the right wedding photographer to immortalize your special day. 

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